Covid-19 Thoughts

The last few days saw many countries impose strict quarantine rules and travel bans. Singapore is restricting all ASEAN visitors to a 14day quarantine; Malaysia bans all foreign travels; Myanmar is also imposing quarantine for people who’s been in Hot Spot locations.

In essence, the world is imposing a lock down and many travel movements are not allowed.

While many people are scared, I see this as a very positive sign with light at the end of the tunnel. It’s going to get better because:

1) China has shown that movement restrictions work! China now has the covid-19 largely under control

2) Every country is now taking this seriously. We no longer have complacency

3) Death rate is shown to be around 2-3%. Most people exhibit mild cold like symptoms only

4) Personal hygienes is effective – cleaning hands kill most germs. Avoid physical contact and you dramatically reduce risk of infection

At this time, it’s important to acknowledge some key risks:

– for elderly and those with weak immune system, covid-19 can be fatal. Please avoid social contacts, limit exposure, be strict in personal hygiene

– for those with other medical condition – if covid-19 spreads in Myanmar, the healthcare system will be stressed and that affects health treatment for other conditions. Keep extra stock of prescription medicine, and keep close contact with Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital team who can guide you

– if covid-19 spread in Myanmar, there may be stress on food and essential supply. The Yoma team is monitor inventory level to help facilitate if needed

– travel restrictions may be in place for more places – please assume limited travels is possible in the next 30-60 days

– infected cases may rise exponentially and many more may die

– economy will be badly hit, and it may trigger many other problems

It’s important NOT TO PANIC. We are monitoring closely and planning ahead.

We have formed a Covid-19 Command Center dedicated to coordinate information, planning and action. We will prioritize your wellness and for business continuity.

I ask for your support again:
– Wash Hands often;
– Stay Away if you or your family members are sick;
– No sharing of utensils;
– Keep distance from each other;
– No large gathering;
– Avoid traveling

Stay safe 🙏