Teatime with Melvyn – Q & A section

Thank you for those who have participated in the Teatime with Melvyn sessions. I have enjoyed the discussion and look forward to more sessions in the coming days. I will regularly share relevant questions & answers.

Question : When will we come back to the office?

Answer: We will be guided by the government notice, but I expect the Stay Home Notice will be extended, and to be safe we may come back to the office more than a week after it is allowed. So, I expect we will not be back in the office until mid-Nov at the earliest – December is more likely.

Question : Will the company take care of me if I catch COVID due to work? How about if I pass COVID to my family?

Answer: (1) The Group is committed to guiding you through the treatment period – Telehealth and CCC will follow your progress at every step if you catches COVID; (2) the Group has comprehensive health care coverage for out-patient and in-patient benefits – whether you see the doctor without staying in the hospital, or if you stay in the hospital. For COVID infection, the coverage is up to Ks400,000, which is enough for all the cost of the COVID treatment to be paid back to you. (3) Your salary will continue to be paid while you take the sick leave. (4) For any staff who pass COVID to their family due to work, the Group will of course also take special care of your family members. We will look at each situation with care.

Question : I’m stressed working from home and because of the uncertain during COVID. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Answer: We recognize it can be difficult for some of our staffs to work from home. We are starting weekly wellness webinars, and also a Yoma Support Group for you to speak with medical professionals to help you get through these difficult times. We will provide information soon.