Travel Policy (Amended 15 March 2020)

In the past few days, many countries have announced state of emergency and restricted travel movement. Many of these steps should help with slowing down the spread of covid-19, but even if successful, the next 3-4 weeks will see substantial increases in the reported infected cases as testing is done.

** We’ve now put the UK and USA onto our quarantine list.

Travel Policy (amended 15 March 2020)
– Quarantine Location: Mainland China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Europe (including U.K.) and USA
– Watch List Location: Hong Kong, Japan

Reporting Requirement
1) All staffs are required to register ALL international travels prior to your trip. Please email to (a) countries and (b) dates of your visits.

2) anyone who has been to the Quarantine Location (including the newly added Mainland Europe) in the past 14 days shall similarly email


1) no business gathering with more than 20 people

2) keep a good social distance from each other (no handshake, avoid crowded meeting rooms)

Good Personal Hygiene

– Wash your hands frequently
– No sharing of utensils
– Stay home if you or your housemate show any signs of illness, however mild

Stay safe đŸ™