World Cleanup Day | Digital Cleanup Event Announcement

World Cleanup Day | Digital Cleanup Event Announcement

In honor of World Cleanup Day, we are excited to announce a special initiative aimed at decluttering our digital lives and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable digital environment. From September 11th, 2023, to September 22nd, 2023, we will conduct a Wallpaper Change for your computer screen and a Digital Cleanup Campaign.

Wallpaper Change:
Your laptop wallpaper will automatically change to a theme that reflects our commitment to sustainability and cleanliness.

How to Participate in Digital Cleanup Campaign:

  • Laptop: Clean up your recycle bin, system files, and temporary files.
  • Mobile: Delete duplicate photos, blurry photos, and videos.
  • Email: Unsubscribe and delete newsletters, inactive blog posts, FYI emails, appointment emails for meetings, etc.
  • Cloud Storage: Clean duplicate files and empty the recycle bin.

Once you’ve completed your digital cleanup, we invite you to share your progress on Yoma Connect. Take pictures of your storage before and after cleaning digital waste and post them with the hashtags (#WorldCleanupDay2023)

We want to recognize your efforts and commitment to a cleaner digital world. Here’s our reward plan:

  • The first 20 people who post their cleanup results on Yoma Connect will receive special gifts.
  • The next 80 participants on Yoma Connect will be rewarded with Pocket application perks, such as KFC 5,000 MMK off coupons, YKKO 5,000 MMK off coupons, and pocket coins.
  • The following 100 individuals who post on Yoma Connect can enjoy games via Pocket applications and receive exciting gifts.

Pocket applications and receive exciting gifts. Let’s come together as a team to make a positive impact on World Cleanup Day and contribute to a cleaner digital environment.

Thank you.