Yoma Health Insurance

A healthier you, a healthier community”, “Better health, better life” — You may have most probably come across some of these catchy slogans related to health insurance. For many of us, insurance is something we don’t think about until we need it; and sometimes it may be too late because when we actually do need it, we realise then that we don’t have the right insurance coverage.

Don’t panic too soon, though. As a permanent full-time staff of Yoma Group, we’ve got you covered (literally!) Yoma Group has a Medical Benefit Policy in place for all staff for a number of years.

  • The Yoma Group Medical Plan: This plan provides inpatient, outpatient and life insurance coverage. What this means is that if you fall ill, get injured, or need to stay in hospital, your medical bills will be partially covered. We have recently reviewed our existing medical policy and have made changes to the benefit levels. Please refer to Yoma Connect for a comprehensive overview of the Group’s medical coverage.
  • Additional COVID-19 coverage: We have extended our medical claim policy of our existing healthcare coverage and insurance to include additional COVID-19 coverage for outpatient, inpatient claims. If you are a frontline staff where your potential exposure to COVID-19 virus is likely to be higher – for example, YKKO, KFC, etc – you will have more coverage. 

  • Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital TeleMed Consultation (Viber): With heightened physical distancing measures, we have a “virtual care” programme where patients who are not well can dial a doctor from the safety of their own home. This allows those who feel unwell or non-emergency cases to avoid having to go to the hospital. We have this covered as well.

It feels good to be covered, but it feels better to stay healthy. Please refer to Yoma Connect (// for more information on your health insurance and coverage, and if you have any questions, do email AskHR@yoma.com.mm