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Highlighting 2023 | Group Technology Achievements and Year in Review

Group Technology’s Product Team introduces all the websites that team has created for Yoma Group’s entities in 2023. 

Awei Pila Resort Website (Revamp)

February 2023

Kospa Logistic Website (Revamp)

July 2023

StarCity Sports Club Website (New)

July 2023

KFC Myanmar Website (New)

July 2023

Yoma Land Website (Revamp)

September 2023

Ducati Myanmar Website (Revamp)

October 2023

Pocket Website (Revamp)

October 2023

Governor’s Residence Website

November 2023

Announcement for Next App Portal and Business Banking Portal 

Next Portal

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Next Portal 1.1.0, a significant addition to our suite of digital platforms designed to elevate banking services for our customers, starting from Nov 20, 2023.The primary objective behind the launch of the Next Portal is to offer enhanced convenience to our clients, complementing the existing Next Mobile App. We strive to provide quick access to superior financial services, ensuring a seamless and efficient banking experience for our valued customers.

Initially tested by our internal employees as a market-viable product, the Next Portal has undergone rigorous evaluation to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. Building on the success of this internal testing phase, we are now excited to extend the availability of the Next Portal to our existing customers. Our focus is particularly directed towards individuals who may face challenges in downloading and utilizing the Next Mobile App. The Next Portal serves as an accessible alternative, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. To access the Next Portal, users may conveniently navigate to the following link:

The detailed features of Next Portal Version 1.1.0 are as follows

  • Activation
  • Login
  • Acc Transfer (Own Acc, Other Acc, Other Bank, WavePay)      
  • Bill Payment & Mobile Topup
  • Deposit & Fixed Deposit Acc Overview
  • Account Overview & Detail
  • Download Account Statement
  • Add Receivers
  • Transaction History
  • Forget Password
  • Open FD and Super FD
  • Open Flexi Everyday 

Business Banking Portal

The primary objective of the YOMA Bank Business Banking Portal is to provide improved financial services with expeditious and straightforward accessibility for our esteemed SME and Corporate customers. The existing portal, currently catering to SME and Enterprise customers, is scheduled to cease its services shortly. In replace of this, YOMA Bank has introduced the YOMA Bank Business Banking Portal (BBP) Version 1.1, effective from November 2, 2023. To use the business banking portal(BBP) provided by YOMA bank, SME & Enterprise customers can kindly  access the portal via the following link:

YoWave: Enhanced YB Onboarding Approach & Campaign

WavePay Customers can now easily open Yoma Bank Flexi Everyday account on their WavePay App by clicking on the Yoma Bank banner in “Promotions” session. With the recent integration with Wave’s KYC data sharing API, customers will have their personal information pre-populated in the Yoma Bank application portal for their convenience. It is a step towards convenient and intuitive simplified customer onboarding experience with minimal input. Apply Flexi (

Along with the enhancement in the application form, Yoma Bank has launched a campaign between Nov 8th and Dec 8th 2023 for customers who used the banner in WavePay App to open Yoma Bank accounts. For every 30,000 MMK customers deposit into their newly opened accounts, they will be eligible for a lucky draw ticket which can win cash prizes such as 300,000 MMK, 100,000 MMK and 50,000 MMK. The criteria is that customers must have downloaded and activated Yoma Bank’s Next Application.

Pocket 1st Anniversary, 365 Days Together

In just one year, together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones starting from the exciting launch of our Loyalty Program, Pocket MM. Throughout this incredible journey, we are overjoyed to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Pocket by introducing new features including Membership, Lucky Draw, and Special Offers. 

Users can now access exclusive perks, participate in thrilling draws, and enjoy special discounts directly within the Pocket Application, enhancing the overall user experience. Do not miss out to participate in the Pocket (1) Year Campaigns & for the better Digital Lifestyle Experiences through Pocket, just download Pocket on App stores, Play Store & Huawei App Gallery.

Yoma Car Share Driver App

Are you planning a road trip and worried about driving alone? Add an extra driver to your car rental seamlessly with Yoma Car Share Driver App. The easiest way to share the road and make your journey more enjoyable. Whether you’re planning a road trip with friends, family, or need a colleague to share the driving duties on a business trip, Yoma Car Share Driver App has got you covered.

Effortless Reservation

Add an extra driver seamlessly to your car rental reservation. User-friendly interface for quick and hassle-free booking.

Secure Verification

Extra drivers are verified with secure login access with password protected by main user.

In-App Accessibility

Access to the varieties of in-app features such as reservation details, door lock/unlock, damage report, fuel claim, reservation extensions and ending the trips.

Real-time Updates

Receive instant notifications on reservation confirmations, changes, and updates.

Customer Support

Dedicated 24/7 customer support to assist with any inquiries or issues.

How It Works:
  • Register extra driver details in Yoma Car Share Customer App.
  • Add an extra driver seamlessly.
  • Driver Download Yoma Car Share Driver App.
  • Login to driver account.
  • Access to the reservation details and enjoy the self-drive journey.

Download Yoma Car Share Driver App and let’s go together!

Website link –
Android App –
iOS App –
Huawei App Gallery –

Email –
24/7 Hotline – 09 YOMAFLEET (09 966 235 338)

heal by Pun Hlaing App

As we strive to prioritize your well-being, heal by Pun Hlaing App brings three key features that will transform the way you approach healthcare: On-Demand services, Electronic Medical Records, and In-Person Appointment.

1. On-Demand Services

Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to instant healthcare solutions! With heal by Pun Hlaing App’s On-Demand feature, you can access a range of medical services at your fingertips. Whether you need a consultation with a healthcare professional, prescription refills, or medical advice, our platform ensures that your health concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.

2. Electronic Medical Record

heal by Pun Hlaing App allows both patients and medical professionals to securely access and manage personal medical records, replacing physical patient books. It enables doctors to efficiently store clinical information, manage lab results, prescriptions, and share records with other providers. You can easily access and retrieve electronic medical reports and present their personal medical records at clinics or hospitals.

3. In-Person Appointment

For those moments when face-to-face interaction is crucial, heal by Pun Hlaing App’s In-Person Appointment feature allows you to schedule appointments with healthcare professionals in your area. Whether it is a specialist consultation, diagnostic tests, or vaccinations, our platform streamlines the booking process, making healthcare accessible and convenient.

Download the heal by Pun Hlaing App today and experience our newly introduced packages: Sayargyi myer, Pyaw Shwin Chin, Pakhet, Hercules

Yoma Connect Updated Features

We’d like to introduce you with Yoma Connect features updates.

The newly released features

  • Follow Feature : Employees under the same department will follow automatically, and if you want to follow friends from other departments, you have to go to that person’s profile and click the follow button.
  • Default Groups Feature : Next, the Default Group will be included, and as employees, their respective departments, you will also be able to view groups according to your preferences.
  • We also worked out on Attendance module to have check-in/out smoothly.


Onenex is a full-service tech company, busy designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences.

We offer a complete process from discovery, branding, design, launch to post-launch optimization and testing. Today we are a specialized team of 80+ working team members with a mix of technologists, strategists, designers, all year-round iced coffee drinkers, and analyst delivering world-class solutions fuelled by local insights. We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge core assumptions, streamline complex processes, and shape products and services into thoughtful apps, websites, interfaces, and digital experiences.

Delivering A Safe and Quality Healthcare Experience in Myanmar (Heal by Pun Hlaing x onenex).

Pun Hlaing Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Myanmar. Pun Hlaing understands that Myanmar’s healthcare system is still underdeveloped state. While hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy shops are inadequate in some parts of the country, there is also a lack of easily accessible health and medical-related resources. This has highlighted the need for improved healthcare infrastructure in Myanmar and the need for more accessible and affordable healthcare services. To deliver a better healthcare experience in Myanmar, working closely and collaborating with onenex, Heal by Pun Hlaing grounded up a telehealth app that helps users to access all healthcare services and medical-related updates anytime easily, and smoothly, just through one fingertip.

Our Solution

Heal by Pun Hlaing brings high-performance Native apps (iOS and Android apps) for consumers, combined with three sub-web portals (doctors, admin, and corporate) via the Vue tech stack. Native apps ensure users access seamless healthcare from booking appointments, chat/video consultations with doctors, and reviewing medical records to ordering pharmacies. Doctor portal is for patient management, a corporate portal to allow companies to manage their employees, and Admin Web Portal to manage corporate users, patients, and appointments. The app is integrated with Pun Hlaing Hospital’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system which not only transforms all the patient’s health data from paperwork to fully digitalization but also makes it easier for information synchronization between patients, doctors, Pun Hlaing clinics, and hospitals across the country.

The Impact

The result is a user-friendly telehealth app that quickly connects patients and their favorite doctors, providing comprehensive care and helping to shape a healthier lifestyle for its people. The app could launch just after 4.5 months of development and over 9000 users installed the app just within three weeks of app launch.

Popular Chats in Comparison: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Teams

Explore the diverse landscape of messaging apps as we delve into a comparative analysis of some of the most widely used platforms: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Microsoft Teams. Each offering unique features and functionalities, these apps have become integral parts of our digital communication. Let’s navigate through their distinct attributes, from encryption capabilities to group chat functionalities, to provide you with insights into choosing the most suitable platform for your communication needs.


  • End-to-end encryption for all calls and messages
  • Messages aren’t saved and stored on server locations.
  • Group chats can be created and hold up to 256 participants.
  • A message deletion functionality for group chats that can erase chosen messages from the archives of all participants in the group chat.
  • Voice and video group call functionality.
  • File, image and video sharing capabilities.


  • Telegram is the only chat app on this list that enables users to share files larger than 1GB.
  • Group chats can be created and hold up to 200,000 participants – the largest on this list.
  • Telegram has no ties to Facebook or any Facebook affiliate companies – which is a huge plus!
  • File, image and video sharing capabilities.
  • In group chats, you can delete messages for all participants – with groups being able to hole up to 200,000 participants, this is no small feat.
  • Has counterparty screenshot protection in secret chats.
  • Has self-destructing message capabilities in secret chats.


  • End-to-end encryption of all messages and calls.
  • All messages are deleted after delivery and not stored in an easily accessible server location.
  • Self-destructing message capabilities are available; meaning text message, video, sound files can be sent and set to delete themselves after being viewed.
  • Counterparty screenshot functionality included on the app.
  • Group chats can be created for private and public groups. Private groups can hold up to 250 participants, and public group chats can hold an unlimited number of users.
  • Messages can be deleted in group chats for individual participants or all participants.
  • Private chats can be locked and concealed from prying eyes with a pin code function.
  • Voice and video calls can be made – and the quality of these calls rest firmly at the top of this list.
  • Viber has no ties to Facebook or any of Facebook’s affiliate companies (like GIFY for example).

Microsoft Teams

  1. Seamless Microsoft 365 Integration
  2. Instant Chats
    Chat is one of the key features of Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s just with one person or with a group chat allows you to instantly message team members for quick discussions and feedback.
  3. Conversation Channels
  4. Direct Access to Email, Skype, OneDrive, and SharePoint
    Teams provides you with access to Microsoft 365 applications within one location, letting you work more efficiently. Access files and documents in OneDrive and SharePoint, plus make calls and conduct video conferences directly from Teams.
  5. Collaborate Internally and Externally Securely

What is Ransomware and how does it work?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, that threatens a victim by destroying or blocking access to critical data or systems until a ransom is paid. Historically, most ransomware targeted individuals, but more recently, human-operated ransomware, which targets organizations, has become the larger and more difficult threat to prevent and reverse. With human-operated ransomware, a group of attackers use their collective intelligence to gain access to an organization’s enterprise network. Some attacks of this kind are so sophisticated that the attackers use internal financial documents they’ve uncovered to set the ransom price. 

Change your profile picture on Yoma Connect and join Ransomware Campaign with us!

What’s new in the 1.9.0 of Next app?

With new, improved features and more user-friendly interface, Yoma Bank Next App will help you manage your money securely and easily from wherever you are and whenever you want. You can check your account balance, make transfers, pay bills, access your loan information, and make payments using QR codes via Yoma Bank Next App without visiting a physical branch. Now version 1.9.0 is released with two update features.  

SCB (Smart Credit Business)  

  • SMART Credit Business is a salable working capital loan for small business customers of Yoma Bank, with loan amounts that increase as your business grows and as you repay prior loans on time. SMART Credit Business can help grow your enterprise, without requiring collateral, extensive paperwork, or guarantors. 
  • Eligible customer can apply Smart Credit Business loan via Next app with a few clicks by filling up their flexi everyday account number, NRC number and wave ID.  
  • Eligible customer can apply Smart Credit Business loan via Next app with a few clicks by filling up their flexi everyday account number, NRC number and wave ID.  
  • A minimum loan amount starts from 5lakhs up to 200 Lakhs based on customer’s credit scores.  
  • Interest rate will be 14.5 % per annual  

Account Linkage to Pocket  

  • Pocket is a digital lifestyle platform catered to develop convenient and better lifestyle for the user. This is where you can find happiness with rewards and deals every time you spend with us.
  • This features allows customer to linkage their existing pocket account within next app as well as open pocket accounts instantly via the next app.  
  • Customers will be able to see their existing pocket coins within Next app. 

There will be more exciting features and programs which will bring customer satisfaction to the next level are lining up to be released in a near future. 

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