Healthy Food Cooking Contest

How are you staying healthy during WFH? Please share with us your most healthy food recipes to fight off Covid-19 and boost up your immune system during the pandemic. The best recipe with the most reactions will get a chance to win a Little Sheep 10,000 MMK gift coupon!
How to participate:

  1. Post a picture of your “healthy meal” prepared by you on this Healthy Food Cooking Contest event discussion. You need to cook the food – Take-outs, deliveries, and food cooked by your family members are not eligible.
  2. The post must include 3 pictures – a picture of yourself and the dish, a close-up picture of the dish, and a picture of all the ingredients used.
  3. Please include ingredients and step-by-step recipes for your dish.4. A candidate is eligible for 1 post only and the most reactions (like, love, wow, scared, etc.) will be a winner.

Prize: 10,000mmk Little Sheetp Gift Coupon


18 - 23 Nov 2020


12:00 am - 11:45 pm

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Yoma Social Club and Campus Committee


Yoma Social Club and Campus Committee
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