Plant Catwalk

How to play?
You can use your existing plant or start with a new one. Any plants which can be presented in a step by step growth.

How to join?
Take a photo(or)video every week and end of the event(or)competition upload the growth(or)changes of the plant(photos(or) a photo, videos)

How to win?
The most reacted post(50%), Judgment of Group Admins(30%), Judgement of event owner(20%)

What are the Prizes?
Three prizes, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Gold – Seeds and Planting accessories which worth 50000 kyats
Silver – Seeds and Planting accessories which worth 30000 kyats
Bronze – Seeds and Planting accessories which worth 20000 kyats

Another related event will be “Pot to Kitchen”. You can use your vegetables/spices grown in “Plant Catwalk” to participate in “Pot to Kitchen”.

Notes: Choose the type of plant wisely by considering the following,

  1. Plant which can be grown significantly within a month
  2. Progress of growth can be presented well
  3. Plants which is easy to grow


09 Nov 2020 - 23 Dec 2020


11:00 pm - 11:45 pm

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Leading the Yoma Way


Leading the Yoma Way
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