Annual Leave Group Policy

Division Human Resources 
Last Updated 1 April 2020
Approved By Martin Appel – Head of Group HR 


From 1st April 2020 the Yoma Group changed its annual leave cycle from calendar year, to commence on 1st April – 31st March.  In the transition to the new leave cycle all employees were allocated a pro-rated balance for January – March 2020.  

2. Purpose 

To provide Yoma Group employees with an annual leave policy and guidelines for managers to administer leave.  

3. Policy  

3.1 Policy changes 

3.1.1. Leave cycle will run from 1st April – 31st March 

3.1.2. Employees will no longer be able to carry forward a full leave balance into the new cycle (except in April 2020) 

3.1.3. Employees will be able to carry forward a maximum of 5 annual days into the new leave cycle 

3.1.4. Carry forward leave will need to be used in the first quarter of the new leave cycle (by 30th June).  Any carry forward leave unused by 30th June will be forfeited 

3.1.5 All leave to be managed via the Yoma Connect App 

3.2 Annual Leave Policy        

3.2.1. All employees are entitled to Annual Leave from the commencement date of their employment 

3.2.2. Annual leave is accrued monthly and calculated on a pro rate basis 

3.2.3 Annual leave will be calculated on a prorated basis for part-time employees 

3.2.4 Annual leave is credited in advance each year and can be used in advance of accrual 

3.2.5 The annual leave cycle commences on 1st April and ends on 31st March 

For example: If the employee joins on 1st July, he/she will be entitled to 9 days of annual leave by 31st March.  

3.2.6 Annual leave must be applied for 3 days in advance and must be approved by the line manager 

3.2.7 Annual leave entitlement, unless otherwise stated in the relevant employment contracts, will be as follows: 

Length of Service  Entitlement 
First year service     12 working days  
After 5 years of continuous service 14 working days  
After 10 years of continuous service 16 working days  
After 15 years of continuous service 18 working days 
Expatriate Leave
20 working days (no entitlement to casual leave) 

3.2.8 All annual leave applications must be applied for using the Yoma Connect App 

3.2.9 Annual leave may be taken together with public holidays 

3.2.10 Annual leave calculation is based on working days, which shall include Saturday (if applicable) 

3.2.11 The employer shall pay out unused Annual Leave at the employee’s basic salary in the following circumstances; 

  • Resignation, retrenchment, expiry of the employment contract, or death of the employee;  
  • Retirement of the employee upon attaining the prescribed retirement age; 
  • Other special circumstances as may be approved by the employer on a case by case basis. 

3.3 Carry Forward Policy        

3.3.1. Annual leave should be taken during the annual leave period, defined April-March.  All staff will be permitted to carry forward a maximum of 5 annual leave days into the new leave cycle.  

3.3.2. The carry forward leave balance must be used in the first quarter of the new leave cycle (1st April – 30th June) 

3.3.3 Permission to carry forward leave beyond June 30 must have the expressed permission of an employee’s line manager in consultation with HR Management and must only be used in “exceptional circumstances”. HR will make a manual adjustment of the leave balance in the Yoma Connect System in this case.

4. Other Leave types 

All other leave benefits are outlined in the Employee Handbook; these include; 

Casual leave 

Medical leave 

Marriage leave 

Maternity leave 

Paternity leave  

Examination leave 

Compassionate leave 

Absence/unpaid leave