Corona Virus Travel Advisory

***Travel Policy***

I want to remind everyone of our responsibility to each other. If any of us catches the coronavirus, it puts everyone around you, and the whole office, at risk. Business contingency plans, including shutting of the office, may need to be enforced in certain circumstances for each other’s safety.

As such, we are implementing the following policy until further notice:

1) No business travel to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Japan

2) For personal travels, you are strongly encouraged to avoid the above locations. Please exercise care to avoid crowded locations, and wear masks where necessary

3) Anyone traveling to Mainland China shall be quarantined away from the office for 14 days.

4) Anyone traveling to the above countries, or require exception from this policy, please declare with Martin Appel or myself

As a reminder, anyone with fever respiratory symptom must stay at home and seek doctor’s advice.

Some of us have already made travel plans due to the holiday, if you are able to change your pleases, please stay safe and take extra care.

Melvyn Pun
Chief Executive Officer


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