COVID-19 WFH The Yoma Way : Video Conferencing Etiquette Guidelines

Division Human Resources
Policy number 002
Last Updated 6thMarch 2020
Approved By Melvyn Pun & Martin Appel


In response to the COVID-19 Emergency, the Yoma Group (“the Group”) has set up a COVID-19 Command Center (“CCC”).  The CCC is responsible for setting policies and guidelines to assist staff and managers to adapt to remote working.  As the current situation evolves many Yoma Employees will be required to adopt a work from home status for a period of time.  The purpose of this document is to outline the work from home guidelines and to set clear expectations for Employees and Managers.  The work from home model will be referred to as “WFH The Yoma Way”.


This document will provide both Managers and Employees with the ‘WFH The Yoma Way’ guidelines. This document informs employees about The Groups position in relation to working from home arrangements. It details the criteria for Eligibility for work from home and defines the expectations of both Employees and Managers.

3. Eligibility for work from home

A Level 2 Code Red requires ONLY essential service positions to attend the work premises.  Essential Services roles are determined by the Entity Head based on operational requirements during this current crisis.

In a Level 2 Code red all non-essential staff will not be required to come to the work premises however they will be required to continue working from home (“WFH”).


The business has determined 3 levels of work from home staff

  1. Full work from home – Staff that can perform the majority of their role from home
  2. Partial work from home, alternate duties – Staff that can perform their roles from home but their core functions are temporarily on hold.  These staff can be temporarily re-deployed and/or placed on project work
  3. Non-work from home – Staff that cannot perform their role from home and may have options for re-deployment

4. Guiding Principles

Working from home is a temporary arrangement between the Group and the Employee with the terms and conditions of Employment set out in the Employee Contract continuing to apply.  (b) Material prepared or generated under this arrangement is property of the Group and must be returned to the Group upon cessation of this arrangement.

5.  Conditions of employment

5.1 The terms and conditions of employment between The Group and the employee that apply at the employee’s usual place of employment also apply at the home based worksite. In particular the following will not be altered by this Agreement:

5.1.1  Hours of work/overtime

(a) The employee is required to work the usual total number of hours per month. The hours to be worked will be within the normal span of hours.

(c) No extra hours or overtime will be worked unless prior written approval for each occasion is provided by the manager.

5.1.2 Communication and Attendance

(a) The employee agrees to be contactable and available for communication with the employer during agreed working hours.

6. Performance

Working from Home Agreement

(a) Managers and the employee agree to establish and implement an agreed procedure, appropriate to the work, by which the performance of the employee at the home based worksite can be monitored.

7.  Leave    

(a) All forms of leave are to be managed in accordance with the Groups Employee Leave Procedure and the employee’s relevant leave entitlement.

(b) If an Employee requires leave they will be required to apply for leave via the Yoma Connect App.  This includes sick leave, annual leave and casual leave.

8.  Business Tool and Internet access 

8.1 Internet access

If an employee does not have access to the Internet while working from home, the Company will reimburse staff who need to purchase data to support remote working.  Employees can claim reimbursement of up to 15,000 MMK per month for data.

These employees should purchase a data plan that is suitable for them.  We recommend Employees contact service providers in the market for advice on a suitable plan.  If you have any questions or require support please contact the

8.2 Reimbursement

Managers should provide their HR department with the names of staff that require reimbursement.  HR Operations will arrange for the reimbursement up to the maximum of 15,000 MMK to be deposited into the employees next pay.

8.3 Hardware and Software

The Business will provide any staff working from home with the necessary stationery and business tools to perform their role remotely. This will include printers, computers, VPN & software. It will be up to Managers and Department Heads to determine which roles require access to systems and hardware.

9. Confidentiality

(a) Under the working from home arrangement information that is considered confidential or sensitive must not be stored at the home based worksite, on local “hard drives” or left in clear view or open areas. (b) When discussing confidential or sensitive matters by telephone, reasonable care must be taken to ensure that other members of the household or visitors are not able to overhear.

10. Management Roles and Responsibilities

10.1 Managers will be responsible for overseeing the output of their staff working from home. 

10.2 Managers to provide employees with sufficient resources to complete work in an efficient manner

10.3 Manager to set clear KPI’s and goals for staff and track and monitor these KPI’s

10.4 Manager to ensure clear communication channels are determined and staff adherence

10.5 Managers to conduct regular Video Conference (VC) team meeting for the purpose of tracking operational progress and ensuring the Health and Wellbeing of staff

10.6 Manager to take a daily roll call to ensure their staff are working and health.

11. Employees Roles and Responsibilities

11.1 Employee should be ready for work during core hours

11.2 Employee’s need to be available for VC, Telephone calls and respond to emails in a timely manner. Employ

11.3 If an employee is unable to attend to work matter due to family situation then they should apply for casual/annual leave vis the Yoma Connect.

11.4 Employee should be prepared for the day ahead with fully charges devices incase of power outages.

11.5 Employee to ensure they have adequate internet access and coverage for their residential area.

Group HR will develop tools and implement tools for Managers to use to track and monitor team output.  

12. WFH The Yoma Way – We need you!

A core goal of the Group is to protect the income and livelihood of our employees and in particular our most vulnerable employees.  As parts of our business are facing temporary closure and financial hardship there are other parts of our business that are in desperate need of resources.  The Group will aim to utilize our Group wide resources to re-deploy employees to where they are needed.  We ask all staff to exercise a degree of flexibility at this time as we work together to respond to this crisis.

12.1 Employees are asked to register for re-deployment with their entity HR

12.2 Managers are asked to assess their resources and report to entity HR any surplus staff that can be re-deployed