Group Recruitment Policy

Section Group Recruitment Policy
Division Human Resources
Policy number 004
Sponsor Melvyn Pun
Effective Date December 1, 2018
Approved by Martin Appel – Group Head HR

1. Introduction

The Group Recruitment policy outlines standards and policy for recruitment within the Yoma Group of Companies encompassing Yoma Strategic Holdings Limited (YSH), First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Serge Pun & Associates (SPA) and its relevant entities, as appropriate.

2. Scope

The Policy applies to all recruitment within the Group. It is to ensure there is a standardized process to assist managers in selecting and hiring the best candidate for the relevant position.  Variations may exist to comply with local legal regulations, health and safety and operational requirement of the business. Where a variation is required, it must be reviewed and approved by Group HR. The Group undertakes to comply with relevant legislation that relate to the selection and hiring of candidates.

Recruitment of SPA / FMI / YSH employees will be based on merit in fair and open competition without patronage, favoritism or discrimination based an individual’s race, ethnicity, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or any other status protected by applicable law.

Vacancies will be advertised internally and internal employees given opportunity where they meet the relevant position requirements. External recruitment may be undertaken in parallel, as appropriate.
The Company will amend this policy on a regular basis, as required. 

3. Responsibilities

  • The Group Human Resources Talent Acquisition (Group HR) is responsible for developing, implementing and communicating the policy. 
  • The Hiring Manager is responsible to ensure that necessary approvals including budget, determine the scope and requirements of the vacancy and provide a completed Employment Requisition Form (ERF) and Job Description (JD). 
  • Group HR will manage executive and senior hires across the Group and functions within Corporate. Where appropriate, Group HR will assist recruitment within the entities however, Entity HR will generally manage entity level non- management positions. Both Group HR and Entity HR have the responsibility to ensure approvals are in place, to assist in determining the recruitment channels to be used, and to drive the sourcing of candidates, as well as ensuring that an appropriate recruitment panel is appointed. 
  • Both Hiring Manager and Group HR/Entity HR will be responsible for assessing conflicts of interest and will be taken into consideration in hiring, transfer, or promotion of staff.  HR will request candidates to declare if they have any relatives or close associates working within the Group at the time of interview.  This will be verified in the onboarding process with a declaration being made by the new employee.  

4. Application

4.1 Authority to approve vacancy 

A Hiring Manager wishing to replace or hire additional staff must complete an ERF. The request must be approved by the Business Unit Head and endorsed by the relevant HR Manager or HR representative. 

  • Appropriate justification should be included in the ERF. These should include:
    • reason/business requirement for the aligned with the purpose of the position;
    • position, salary and incumbent employee being replaced (where applicable); 
    • job description; 
    • targeted commencement date; 
    • other relevant recruitment information (eg; range of salary for new position);
    • within / outside of approved budget and the balance of difference. If outside provide justification and where the difference will be funded;
    • names of interviewers (panel). 

4.2 Assessment of internal staff to fill vacancy

The Company is committed to providing opportunities to existing staff, where possible. Internal job vacancies are advertised on a weekly basis (as applicable). Where a Hiring Manager identifies a potential internal candidate/s from another part of the Company, he/she should refer this to the relevant HR and/or discuss with the current line manager.

Any staff member may apply for an internal role after being in their current role for at least 18 months.. The current manager of the staff member must be engaged when hiring an internal staff member and feedback should be obtain regarding performance and fit for new role. Exceptions to the 18 months rule will apply where the Group HR Head together with the BU Head has approved the internal transfer. 

Where a staff member transfers to another entity, their years of service (providing there has been no break due to resignation or termination) will be recognized as service for employment related purposes. 

Vacancies will be advertised internally and internal employees given opportunity where they meet the relevant position requirements. External recruitment may be undertaken in parallel, as appropriate. 

It is the responsibility of Group HR or the Entity HR Manager or HR representative to ensure all advertisements conform to legislative requirements and Recruitment policy. 

4.3 Recruitment Channels 

Group HR/ Entity HR will work with the Hiring Manager devising the appropriate recruitment campaign which may include for advertising – placement on job boards, Company websites, LinkedIn and other channelsOnly Group HR may approve the use of an external Recruitment Agency. 

4.4 Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies will be used only in exceptional cases with prior approval from Group Finance via the BU Head and Group HR. There must be a written approval from Group that the budget for approximate fees are in place. 

Group HR is responsible and can sign agreements with Recruitment Agents both for the general agreement and relevant position agreements. Recruitment Agencies will not be paid for unsolicited CV’s or CV’s sent in response to a vacancy not approved for Agency search. 

4.5 Selection Process 

All Hires
For the selection of all vacancies or new positions:

  • An Interview Assessment form must be completed as soon as possible after the interview; 
  • A minimum of two interviewers should conduct the interview, the manager whom the staff will report and another by an HR representative; 
  • Candidate must be asked to declare if they have an relatives or associates working within the Company. 
  • At least one interview should be conducted face to face; and
  • At least one member of every hiring panel should be female.

Senior and Executive Hires

For Senior and Executive hires, the same process will apply as for all hires (above) however, the number of interviews will be determined on a case by case basis by the relevant BU Heads and Group HR. Where possible the shortlisted candidates for interview must include at least one female.

4.6 Foreign Candidates 

All foreign candidates must be interviewed by Group Head HR before being made an offer. Foreign candidates who are brought to Myanmar as part of the interview process will be reimbursed the cost of their flight if they are successful or unsuccessful, however if a candidate is offered a position and declines the offer the Company will not reimburse the cost of the flight. Local accommodation and travel within Myanmar will be covered by the hiring entity/Company. 

4. 7 Recruitment of employee’s friend, relatives and associates:

Employees are encouraged to introduce their friends and associates to be interviewed for vacancies, provided that they meet the requirements for the jobs. 

The staff member making the introduction is required to declare his/her acquaintance and/or relationship with the applicant to the interview panel and abstain from participating the hiring process. 

A candidate must be asked at interview if they have any relatives or associates working for the Company.  This information will be formally declared in the onboarding process as part of the gathering of personal details of the new employee. 

4.8 Hiring of relatives / Immediate Family members: 

Employment of immediate family members and relatives will impose the need for careful judgment by management. No immediate family members or relatives are to be placed in the same entity or department. Immediate family members or relatives should not be placed in a position where they could exercise control or in any way influence the position, progress or supervision of another relative. 

Immediate family members or close relatives are defined as the employee’s spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters whether natural or adopted legally or otherwise, parents-in-law, brothers or sister in law, whether legal or customary. 

Any exceptions to the above prohibitions can only be made with prior written approval of the CEO. 

4.9 Candidate documentation 

The following documentation must be provided prior to an offer of employment: 

  • labor registration card or copy of valid passport, for non-Myanmar citizens; 
  • most current resume; 
  • pay slip from previous company or evidence of salary; 
  • In addition, for Myanmar residents – a residence certificate by ward administrator and household list 

It is recommended that the following information is used to strengthen the decision making of the recruitment process: 

  • obtain at least 2 references which should include at least 1 direct line Manager of the candidate 
  • Obtain a DICS assessment to help assess the personality profile of the candidate 

The following documentation must be provided prior to commencement: 

  • copies of relevant qualifications;
  • completed onboarding requirements. 

4.10 Medical examination

Medical examinations may be required with satisfactory results before an offer of employment is made for positions requiring handling of food and close proximity to patients. Where the position requires such an examination, this must be stated at the advertisement and during interview. 

4.11 Reference Checking 

It is recommended that a minimum of two (2) reference checks be completed by Group / Entity HR. These references should be from line manager/manager the candidate reported to. Family members, friends or subordinates will not be applicable. 

4.12 Offer of Employment

The ERF must include the range of salary and benefits that can be offered for the position. Group HR/Entity HR will negotiate an offer within this range. Prior to making the final offer, both Group HR/Entity HR must have ongoing discussions with the BU Head to determine any changes (however if the change exceeds what was the previous range, the relevant approvals must be in place).  

4.13 Orientation 

All new employees should participate in the Group Orientation program. Group wide orientation will occur monthly. 

4.14 Probation  

A three (3) months probationary period applies to all new staff. The Hiring Manager will be responsible in providing the new staff member expectations and requirements to satisfactorily complete their probationary period. 

Martin Appel
Group Head Human Resources   

Group Head Human Resources 



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