Group Professional Development Policy

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The objective is to encourage self-development among all employee and enhance their contributions to the organization.
This applies to all SPA/FMI/YSH Group of Companies’ employees on full-time appointment. Employees who have to complete at least one year of service are eligible.

The company will bear the annual student registration fees and/or the exam fees by reimbursement basis to the employee within the coverage limits.
Professional development courses and degree/diploma programs must be relevant to the development needs of the employee and the company.

Employee who would like to claim the fees (Annual / Member and Exam) of reimbursement must submit the professional development requisition form with the approval of the Entity Head in advance.

The company will bear the annual/member registration fee and the exam fees as follow:
- The company will provide the annual /member registration fee to a maximum of up to US$ 100 per calendar year. Re-registration will only be considered in case where there is good academic progress.
- The company will reimburse the exam fees if the employee passes the exam successfully as per the following coverage limit per calendar year.

Coverage Limit of Exam Fee Per Calendar Year Reimbursement %
Up to USD 1500 80% of Exam Fee
From USD 1501 Up to USD 3000 50% of Exam Fee
If the exam fee is in Myanmar Kyat (MMK), it will be considered as equivalent to the coverage amount.

The exchange rate will be calculated based on the rate applicable on the same date when employee submit the form.
(1) Prepare the Professional Development Requisition Form [Form A] with the detail training information and the relevant document.

(2) Submit the Form A to respective HR Department with the agreement of department head and the approval of entity head.

(3) Claim the registered Annual / Member Fees accordance with the Policy [Up to US$ 100].

(4) If pass the exam, submit the Professional Development Claim Form [Form B] to the respective HR department with the relevant document for the reimbursement.