HR Policies and Procedures

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A letter of appointment or an employment contract stating the terms and conditions of employment will be issued by the Human Resources Department / Entity Manager to the new employee together with this Handbook for reference.

Except as otherwise provided in the relevant employment contract, all new employees are required to serve 3 (three) months’ probation period. Confirmation of the employees as a permanent employee is based on the employee’s performance.

The employee’s job description will be provided to the employee. If you are unsure of its contents, you should seek clarification from your line manager and or the Human Resources Department. From time to time, it may be necessary to amend an employee’s job description.

An employee’s personal appearance and hygiene is a reflection of the Yoma Group’s image. Employees are expected to dress in appropriate business attire.
Employees must wear the prescribed uniform where required by the relevant entity.

Every employee will be given opportunities for career growth within the Yoma Group. The employee will be considered for promotion if suitably qualified and deserving of such a promotion.

An employee may be transferred to another suitable role within the Yoma Group. Such transfer may be at the sole discretion of the management and with the agreement of the departments concerned. The employee will be informed of the transfer accordingly. Employees who have at least 18 months of service in the current role may apply for any vacant position within the Yoma Group.

Seniority is the length of continuous service (including the probation period) with the Yoma Group commencing from the date of employment as specified in the employment contract.

The Yoma Group will make payment in accordance with the provisions of any applicable laws, rules or notifications of Myanmar being in force from time to time.

An employee’s employment may be terminated in accordance with his employment contract notice and the existing laws, rules, and regulations.

An Employee may resign by giving notice in accordance with his employment contract notice in advance to the direct supervisor/line manager of the relevant department. The notice period may be shortened by mutual agreement between the employee and the relevant line manager.

The normal retirement age of our employees is 65. With the consent of the employer, the employee may remain in employment after 65 years of age with the medical examination record supported by the Social Security Board’s recommended clinics.