Working Time, Overtime and Public Holidays

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It is the employee’s responsibility to notify your immediate manager in advance (or as soon as practicable in the case of an emergency) if they

(a) will be late to work;

(b) have to leave work early; or

(c) will be absent from work.

Any unauthorised late arrival to work / early departure from work or chronic absenteeism may result in disciplinary action being taken against the employee.

  1. Meal times will be set by the individual entities in accordance with the nature of their business operations. Employees are to have their meal at the designated time only unless a special incident may require otherwise.
  2. In the event that the overtime worked exceeds 5 consecutive hours a paid meal break must be included.

An employee is entitled to have at least one rest day each week for shift duties and two rest days for office duties.

Overtime may be authorized by the employer, subject to maximum overtime hours allowed under the law, when the employer is satisfied that the work or service involved is essential, and that overtime is the most appropriate and cost-effective way of doing the work or providing the service. Overtime hours must be approved by the Manager in advance. No company mandated overtime can exceed the maximum hours of overtime provided in the relevant laws and statutes. Overtime may either be paid or lead to time off in lieu.

Employee: seek prior approval from immediate supervisor or department manager to work overtime (normal working days or public holidays) and use the Yoma Connect App to apply for leave.

Supervisor/ Department Manager: control and manage overtime working hours of employees, approve or decline employee overtime claims via the Yoma Connect App.

Human Resources Department: verify the overtime request and overtime working hours of employees and make payment where applicable.

Public Holidays (statutory holidays) set by the yearly notification of the Union of Myanmar Government shall be a paid public holiday. If required by management to work in Public holiday, overtime rate will apply as per labor law.