Self Service Password Reset Process

Step 1 – Logging into the system

1. Open the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and enter the URL,
2. Enter into the system using your work email and default password given.
Password   =  Please find the password in the email

Step 2 – Enrollment Process

1. New users must enroll before changing password.
To enroll into the system, click “Click Here”
2. Choose and fill up the Security Questions and Answers for User Registration.
** Security Answers must have minimum 5 characters **
After you completed the security questions, click “Next”

Step 3 – Change Password

  • Change the password with the standard password policy.
    • At least 1 character of each type below
    • Capital letter (A~Z),
    • small letter (a~z),
    • number (0~9)
  • Minimum Password Length is 8 characters.
  • Last 3 previous password cannot be reused

Step 4 – Checking Profile

1. Please check the user information in “My Info” Tab.


  • 1. Please take note of the security questions with great care as this is to identify each user to enable password reset.
  • 2. Please reach out to if you require any clarification.