heal by Pun Hlaing App

As we strive to prioritize your well-being, heal by Pun Hlaing App brings three key features that will transform the way you approach healthcare: On-Demand services, Electronic Medical Records, and In-Person Appointment.

1. On-Demand Services

Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to instant healthcare solutions! With heal by Pun Hlaing App’s On-Demand feature, you can access a range of medical services at your fingertips. Whether you need a consultation with a healthcare professional, prescription refills, or medical advice, our platform ensures that your health concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.

2. Electronic Medical Record

heal by Pun Hlaing App allows both patients and medical professionals to securely access and manage personal medical records, replacing physical patient books. It enables doctors to efficiently store clinical information, manage lab results, prescriptions, and share records with other providers. You can easily access and retrieve electronic medical reports and present their personal medical records at clinics or hospitals.

3. In-Person Appointment

For those moments when face-to-face interaction is crucial, heal by Pun Hlaing App’s In-Person Appointment feature allows you to schedule appointments with healthcare professionals in your area. Whether it is a specialist consultation, diagnostic tests, or vaccinations, our platform streamlines the booking process, making healthcare accessible and convenient.

Download the heal by Pun Hlaing App today and experience our newly introduced packages: Sayargyi myer, Pyaw Shwin Chin, Pakhet, Hercules