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Delivering A Safe and Quality Healthcare Experience in Myanmar (Heal by Pun Hlaing x onenex).

Pun Hlaing Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Myanmar. Pun Hlaing understands that Myanmar’s healthcare system is still underdeveloped state. While hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy shops are inadequate in some parts of the country, there is also a lack of easily accessible health and medical-related resources. This has highlighted the need for improved healthcare infrastructure in Myanmar and the need for more accessible and affordable healthcare services. To deliver a better healthcare experience in Myanmar, working closely and collaborating with onenex, Heal by Pun Hlaing grounded up a telehealth app that helps users to access all healthcare services and medical-related updates anytime easily, and smoothly, just through one fingertip.

Our Solution

Heal by Pun Hlaing brings high-performance Native apps (iOS and Android apps) for consumers, combined with three sub-web portals (doctors, admin, and corporate) via the Vue tech stack. Native apps ensure users access seamless healthcare from booking appointments, chat/video consultations with doctors, and reviewing medical records to ordering pharmacies. Doctor portal is for patient management, a corporate portal to allow companies to manage their employees, and Admin Web Portal to manage corporate users, patients, and appointments. The app is integrated with Pun Hlaing Hospital’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system which not only transforms all the patient’s health data from paperwork to fully digitalization but also makes it easier for information synchronization between patients, doctors, Pun Hlaing clinics, and hospitals across the country.

The Impact

The result is a user-friendly telehealth app that quickly connects patients and their favorite doctors, providing comprehensive care and helping to shape a healthier lifestyle for its people. The app could launch just after 4.5 months of development and over 9000 users installed the app just within three weeks of app launch.