Covid-19 update (28-March-2020)

In short 5 days, we now have 8 confirmed cases in Myanmar. Communities are increasingly concerned, and plenty of rumors are going around of possible government lockdowns.

Actions so far

Let me summarize the steps the Group has taken so far

– Travel restrictions to avoid bringing back the virus
– Travel declaration to track domestic and international travels
– AskDR to answer medical questions- Business Continuity Plan in place for all entities
– Work from Home policy for all vulnerable staffs, and more teams are working from home on alternate shifts- Food and essential supply sold through Campus Zay, and will be extended to other locations
– Emergency staff loan to help cash flow – Contact tracing procedure for anyone who may have been in secondary contact with positive Covid-19 patients

Early Bonus

As we approach Thingyan, I’m pleased to announce that we will pay Thingyan bonuses EARLY on 31 March for those eligible. Some of you may be considering taking leave for Thingyan early. Please consult with your managers but we hope the early bonus payment can help your arrangement.

Contact Tracing

In some confirmed covid cases, we have staffs who discovered they had secondary contact with the positive covid-19 patient. The CCC team and I have thoroughly investigated each case to take appropriate action. Some staffs are now in government quarantine, while others are put into home isolation. In each case, we are lucky that any contact is limited.

Rumors may spread, many of them false or exaggerated – I want to assure you that your safety is our priority and we will continue to monitor any situation closely, and protect the work place aggressively.

Big thanks

I want to thank many of our team who have worked tirelessly in preparing our plans. I’ve been on dozens of calls this weekend with :
Gershu Paul, Dr,
Martin Appel
Philipp Hoffmann
Valentina Lwin Bailey
Katie Michel
tracing all possible contacts with covid cases and planning for next week. Yoma Land team have prepared additional notices and procedures to protect residents. Campus Zay stepping up their coordination with Metro for next week.
In particular, the whole Hospital team working intensely over the last few weeks to make contingency plans to protect all our staffs and the community for the worst case. Truly amazing spirits and thank you from the deepest of my heart. We are at the start of this fight, but we will come out strong.

Chief Executive Officer
Melvyn Pun